In 1977, Canadian born Tom Nyhuus got the racing bug. This was the year he modified and ran a Ford Bronco in both the mud racing and sand drag circuit. Also during this time Tom built a Baja style short coarse racer for desert racing. To support his racing habit, Tom went to college in 1979 to become a welder and metal fabricator. He then designed and fabricated off-road race vehicles for rally cars, mud racers, sand dragsters, and pro-street racers, earning many AWS (American Welding Society) certifications. In 1982 Tom decided to run the Pro Indoor Mud Racing circuit full-time, which he did very successfully. In 1988 he stepped up to the Blown Alcohol class for which he built his "Rude Awakening" mud dragster that set numerous records.

Since the first standard travel car was manufactured, Tom Pro Design cars have evolved into high tech mini sandrails that set the bar for other mini sandrails. With his patented Tom Pro reverse box, Tom continues to set the pace for the mini sandrail market. Aside from the reverse box, some of the many options available on the Tom Pro Design cars are Toms trademark 1300 turbocharged Hayabusa motors, dual fuel systems, heated leatherette seats with sand drains, custom sheet metal, HID lighting, gauges, chrome/polish packages, and much more. So, if you’re ready for the ride of your life, give Tom a call and let him fulfill your sandrail dreams with a Tom Pro Design motorcycle powered mini sandrail.

2002: Tom’s built this stacker trailer to haul 3 buggies and 1 quad; the exterior sheeting was taped to the frame, eliminating the need for rivets.

2000: Tom built the first long travel Mini Buggy powered by a 1200cc Turbo Suzuki Bandit engine with Tom's Reverse Box and King piggyback shocks; it was featured in the April/May 2003 issue of Sand Sports Magazine.